Sending smells with texts soon possible with the oPhone

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Soon enough, you might just be replacing your use of texting emoticons with a new way of enhancing shared experiences. Why simply let people see what you’re up to when they can smell it too? Taking a photo of your breakfast? Send the smell of some bacon. Celebrating the new year with friends? Share the fresh pop of bubbly champagne. Washing dirty laundry? Ok, maybe skip that one.

But you heard right. We are on the cusp of smell-messaging, as the oPhone is slated for beta testing sometime this summer. The oPhone is the brainchild of Dr. David Edwards, a biomedical engineer at Harvard and founder of Le Laboratoire. He’s collaborated with perfumers and baristas to create a menu of scents.

oPhone tabletoPhone. Short for smell-oPhone? Maybe. At the start of testing, only 356 combinations of these scents will be possible, yet Dr. Edwards expects that number to rise to the thousands after a year.

The oPhone will work with an app that lets users send messages via text or email. They also choose a scent or variation of a scent to send. While the message can be received through normal means, one has to have an oPhone in order to experience the smell.

Boston is the lucky city that gets to test out the oPhone as well as public interfaces that will be set up in the launch city. These hotspots will provide a place for people to receive the smell compositions. People will be able to test out smell combinations, and trade tips and recipes. With enough unique ‘flavors’ to mix and match, the oPhone should be able to achieve some really fun and amazing results, similar to how people do with Jelly Belly Beans.

Ready to get your smell-messaging on?

<Source: cnn>

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