ToneFone: Kind of cool but mostly stupid, unless it’s not

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Stupid? Or So-Dumb-it’s-Smart?

The ToneFone iPhone 5 case that weighs over two pounds is the new age solution to obesity, apparently. The “World’s Heaviest Phone Case” turns your phone into a dumbbell that you’re guaranteed to use.

Made of 100% British steel encapsulated in a layer of “soft, durable and grippy rubber”, the case weighs either 2.2 or 3.3 lbs. The first batch was “experimental” and sold out within 72 hours, but the company is taking preorders for the next batch.

The description on the site says,

It’s simple: you get a text[,] you get fitter, your mum calls you, you get fitter, you check Facebook and you get fitter, even when you order a takeaway you get fitter. You can take it with you anywhere and every time you pick your phone up you’ll be working out.

Even the most basic movements will help you to improve your muscle strength and endurance. The sleek design of this iPhone dumbbell case makes it a pleasure to use and easy to work out with. You won’t get your hands rough with hard skin from working out thanks to its smooth rubber finish.

Whether or not this product would actually tone your arms as the company claims, is yet to be—ah, who are we kidding? Obviously this product has no science or research behind it and is based upon the creators’ assumption that an entropic lift of a phone case would strain your muscles enough to cause bulk or toning.

My question is where would I secure this while I’m out and about? I’m going out on a limb and assuming it won’t fit in my skinny jeans or wristlet.

It is probable that using the case will, at the very least, increase calories burned per day, but I’d need some definitive information about how many calories and how much I’d need to lift it.

So, this product is probably just stupid, but I need Science! to tell me this before I write it off.

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