Microsoft Store now offers Nokia Lumia 1520 for $100 with $100 AT&T bill credit

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Nokia Lumia 1520Sensing they’re about to be outshined by fresh Android top dogs such as Samsung’s Galaxy S5 or Sony’s Xperia Z2, Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T have just put the Lumia 1520 on a pretty lucrative sale.

The 6 incher, which was the first Windows Phone to raise the hardware bar with both a Full HD display and quad-core processor, is up for grabs via Microsoft’s online store and brick and mortar retail locations for $99, complete with free $100 bill credit.

That’s right, you agree to sign a new two-year AT&T contract, pay MS 99 bucks, and get the money back within three bill cycles as complimentary credit. Bottom line, though technically the [easyazon-link asin=”B00GANEUQG” locale=”us”]Lumia 1520[/easyazon-link] is not yet available free of charge, in the long run you won’t cough up a dime for the handheld.

Even better, if you hurry, there’s one little extra incentive to board the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon, namely a 50 percent discount on Nokia Flip Covers. Wow, and to think AT&T still charges $200 through its retail network. Also with $100 free bill credit, but obviously, Microsoft’s deal is a lot more advantageous.

Amazon would have been a decent buying option as well if they kept their recent $50 promotion around, however that’s now gone, and the Lumia 1520 costs $99.99 again, no other special offers included.

Via [Microsoft Store]

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