Rufus Cuff could be the ‘phablet’ of mobile wrist devices

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Back when Samsung first launched the Galaxy Note smartphone, it met quite the mix of reactions. Coined as a ‘phablet’ due to its size being between a phone and tablet, the Galaxy Note was also ridiculed, predicted to be a niche product, yet also paved forward with some amazing hardware that has captured the adoration of millions. Today, such ‘phablet-sized’ smartphones have been gaining in popularity because of the power, utility, and battery life, in spite of the physical size.

As the mobile device arena has focused on the real estate space of consumer’s wrists, manufacturers have been announcing their version of a smartwatch one by one. Google has also just announced Android Wear, their newest Android OS specifically for wearable devices. Smartwatches still have some maturing to do, akin to how smartphones had to evolve in the early years, but that hasn’t stopped one company from leaping ahead early.

Rufus Cuff sideThe Rufus Cuff categorizes itself as a wrist communicator, much like large-screened smartphones fall into the ‘phablet’ category. This device looks like something that could have come straight out of Star Trek TNG. It’s as thin as the Samsung Galaxy Gear but with twice the screen size, set in landscape mode.

When it comes to smartwatches, the Galaxy Gear is currently one of the largest, which also makes it slightly awkward to wear despite how beautiful it is. Are people ready for something even bigger sitting on the wrist? I’m sure that same question was said about pockets, when the first Galaxy Note smartphone was observed.

Physical size aside, the Rufus Cuff manages to pack impressive hardware along with Android 4.4 Kit Kat. You can conduct voice and video calls, access the Google Play store and download apps, and even browse the web. The Rufus Cuff is more like a small smartphone attached to the wrist, when compared to the current smartwatches available.

At this early stage, consumers are still warming up to the idea of a smartwatch belonging with their collection of gadgets. With hopes of ending the era of the smartwatch, the Rufus Cuff is quite likely too ahead of its time. Personally, I’m all for it, though I believe that such devices should be worn on the inside of the wrist than outside. It’s far more natural and easier to be discreet while sneaking peeks.

You can check out the Rufus Cuff, currently funding on Indiegogo.

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