AT&T’s Moto X finally getting the Android 4.4.2 software update

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Motorola was too quick in releasing Android 4.4 updates but not the 4.4.2. Most mobile carriers are already getting the Android 4.4 for various Motorola mobile devices but the Moto X models under AT&T will finally get the Android 4.4.2 update they need.

The AT&T Moto X will now receive Google Cloud Print support and longer battery life. The Exchange email syncing is also enhanced. As for the international data connectivity issues other phone owners are experiencing, the software update also had this fixed.

AT&T subscribers owning a [easyazon-link asin=”B00E92AV2W” locale=”us”]Moto X[/easyazon-link] can now have their Android smartphones updated to Android 4.4.2. This is just for the Moto X model, the update for Motorola DROID series should soon follow.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll get from the update:

Printing documents and pictures. Better printing support for GMail messages and Google Docs over Bluetooth or WiFi, as well as, those hosted by Google Cloud Print and HP ePrinters

Improved battery life. Bugs causing shorter phone battery life now fixed after the software update

Fixed email sync delays. Fixed a bug that could cause email services like Microsoft Exchange to experience intermittent delays in data synchronization.

International roaming fix. Data connectivity issues while roaming outside the US now fixed

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