Apple helps to create LiNX, first-ever smart hearing aid

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All the latest buzz about emerging wearable tech must have some groups of people left scratching their heads, wondering what the fuss is all about. Those who have had to wear hearing aids started well before wearable tech was even a thing. Maybe it’s because there isn’t much that’s sexy or hip with hearing aids, but a Danish company is about to change that.

GN ReSound LiNX hearing aid appGN ReSound has partnering up with Apple to produce the ReSound LiNX, a Bluetooth-enabled smart hearing aid. This device meshes all the best features from a Bluetooth earpiece with the proper benefits of a hearing device. Not only will users hear surrounding noises at a proper level, but they can enjoy music, movies, and media streamed from their iOS device straight into their ear.

The LiNX hearing aid will be compatible with iOS 7, via the app. All sound that would come from the mobile device gets sent straight to the ear. Not only that, users will be able to create programs that automatically adjust the volume to a preset level for different environments. Don’t like exactly what you’re hearing? You can tweak the treble and bass, sort of like having a built-in equalizer (sort of).

The ReSound LiNX is only available to the public through licensed hearing care professionals, so you can’t just fork over money to give yourself superhuman hearing abilities. But now that I know this technology is out and will only get better over time, I don’t feel so worried about losing my hearing from listening to music too loudly.

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