‘At least’ two Nexus tabs rumored for 2014 launches, including 8.9 incher

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Nexus 8.9Google released two Nexus tablets in 2012, then just one in 2013, which prompted some to speculate the end may be near for the vanilla Android-running gadget line. Yet if fresh gossip pans out, not only is Big G reluctant to call it quits in the slate arena, it’s looking to crank up its efforts again.

But this time, the focus will mostly be on a larger, higher-performance gizmo than existent 7-inch models. No, Google isn’t pondering a Nexus 10 revival, instead planning the rollout of an 8.9 incher.

The figure has been rumored before, including very recently, and the tab is reportedly set to enter mass production in July, which would put it on the right track for a global August commercial launch. The name of Google’s partner in the new venture continues to be a question mark, however the list of suspects is fairly short: LG, Asus, Lenovo and HTC.

Sources close to both IHS Technology and Digitimes Research claim the Nexus 8 (9?) is currently in testing with a display resolution of “more than 2K”. Of course, that means the slate might not end up as affordable as the two Nexus 7 models so far released, though there’s still a chance it will start at roughly $300.

As for a third-gen N7, all signs point to it coming sooner or later in 2014, albeit an ETA is anybody’s guess. As is, once again, the name of its co-manufacturer. Any other surprises Google could pull out of its hat? Well, Digitimes does say “at least two Nexus tablets” will come out in 2014, so it’s probably smart to be prepared for everything and anything.

Via [CNet] and [Digitimes]

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