All New HTC One caught on camera again, full specs nearly confirmed

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All New HTC OneWhat could there be left to find out about HTC’s All New One, aka M8, aka 2014 One, after so many exposes, revealing photo shoots, leaked benchmarks and so on and so forth? Nothing, you say? Well, actually, a couple of tidbits seemed poised to remain covert until next week.

Too bad China’s FCC equivalent, Tenaa, spilled the beans on the Android smartphone’s camera sensors as well, pinpointing them at 16 and 4 MP. It’s no secret the All New HTC One will be the first ever handheld to use a dual rear camera setup, so odds are the two snappers on the back rock the above mentioned megapixel counts.

Only the 4 MP shooter will actually be a 4 UltraPixel unit. Unless something was lost in translation, or the 16 MP refers to the combined resolution of the rear camera pair, and 4 MP to the front snapper. Either way, it sounds like HTC really went the extra mile to improve the much criticized imaging capabilities of its previous flagship devices.

All New HTC One compared

Meanwhile, in case you’re not the imaginative kind, you should be happy to hear someone took an M8 prototype and compared it to some of its high-end rivals in a number of pics from an aesthetics standpoint. As suspected, the All New One is just about as tall and significantly narrower than Sony’s Xperia Z1, plus slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Somewhat surprising, the 5 incher is also taller than LG’s G2, though we’ve been warned time and time again of its massive bezels. Good thing it’s aluminum constructed and, for once, offers microSD storage expansion.

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