Samsung Note 4, LG G3, and Vega Iron 2 will be waterproof

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samsung galaxy note 4

I’d like to believe that the basic smartphone era is about to end. No, the smartphone will still be most people’s main gadget but newer models will have more super features than ever, still beating tablets and laptops or even desktop PCs. Don’t expect smartphones 3D-printing or flying just yet but wait for waterproof ones. Yes, the kind that will survive getting wet or being underwater for some time. Samsung and Sony are a few of the first companies working on watertight Android phones.

Samsung asked a third party for help with the Liquid Silicon Moulding method. You can experience it with the recently unveiled Galaxy S5. Meanwhile, Pantech and LG are working on their own waterproofing technology according to a Korean source. The next Galaxy Note 4 phablet will utilize Samsung’s thin silicon film methodology. Not much details have been leaked but you can say there is a future for watertight phones. Rugged phones won’t be enough as they need to be waterproof, passing industry standards.

We don’t know when exactly but rumor has it we might see a May unveiling. The LG G3 is believed to be being readied for a May 17 launch.

Waterproof Android phones this year. What’s next? Waterproof tablets?

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