Samsung makes Gear 2/Gear Fit pricing official: $295/$195

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samsung-gear-2-gear-fitSamsung has an extremely tight window to cash in on its recently unveiled Gear 2 – Gear 2 Neo – Gear Fit trio of wearable devices before Android Wear-based smartwatches start selling. As such, it’s no surprise the Koreans are accelerating the three’s commercial launches, confirming their price tags at last.

Only in Taiwan for now, though they should be precise indicators for everywhere else around the world. As expected, the Tizen-running Gear 2 intelligent wristwatch will be quite costly, at TWD 8,999, or $295. We anticipate a $300 MSRP stateside based on that, and €300 in most European markets. UK? Our British readers probably know what’s in store already: £300.

Meanwhile, the more basic, less fashionable Gear Fit activity tracker, powered by a custom-made Samsung OS that’s neither Android, nor Tizen, is TWD 5,990, or roughly $195. Odds are Americans will be charged about as much (worst case scenario 5 bucks extra) when the Fit breaks cover, whereas on the old continent the gizmo shall cost €200 and up.

The third wearable in the lineup, the Tizen-based Gear 2 Neo, is yet to be officially priced, meaning it might sit on the sidelines for a few extra weeks. A month, tops. But it’s no secret the watch will start at $200. Enough to sway you away from the Moto 360 and LG G Watch? Sound off below.

Via [Phone Arena]

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