Yet another mysterious Samsung SM-G750A pops up

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samsung galaxy s5 mini

We know that Korean electronics giant Samsung is working on many things. If it’s not a smartphone or tablet, it’s working on a laptop or smartwatch. Just yesterday, we mentioned the South Korean giant could unveil a new 8.4-inch AMOLED tablet. Last week, it released more Galaxy Core Advance smartphone accessories. (There is just no end to it.)

Reportedly, it was working on a Galaxy Gear 2 variant and discreetly unveiled a Galaxy S3 Slim too. I’d like to think Samsung is into modifying a certain model, adding some new features, or making it slimmer and smaller, and voila, a whole new product model. A smaller and simpler Galaxy S5 is expected soon but Samsung is believed to be working on another variation. Why, a model with reference to a SM-G750A popped up on the company’s very own website, pointing to a possible AT&T model.

The upcoming Samsung SM-G750A is also believed to rival Sony’s Xperia Z1 Compact smartphone. The new Samsung Android phone is expected to pack a 720p display screen and 2.3GHz CPU frequency (most likely a Snapdragon 800).

So could this be the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini? Looks like it. But for now, let’s call it as yet another mysterious Samsung smartphone. Let’s just wait and see.

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