Viral gaming hit ‘Flappy Bird’ is indeed coming back, but ‘not soon’

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Flappy BirdWhispers of a change of heart from reclusive game developer Dong Nguyen vis-à-vis his biggest hit yet, “Flappy Bird”, were first heard last week, following an exclusive and rare Rolling Stone interview. But now the whispers are bona fide rumbles, as Nguyen just confirmed via Twitter he’s not only “considering” reviving the mobile game.

He’ll most likely do it, though “not soon”. Sooo, when should we expect to see the pesky, annoying, rudimentarily designed bird back up on Google Play and Apple’s App Store? Next week, next month, next year?

That’s really anybody’s guess at the moment, since Nguyen isn’t exactly the most dependable dude in the world. Remember, when he shockingly wiped out all traces of Flappy Bird online, he stressed it’ll be for good, due to the success perturbing his quiet life, as well as the lives of many addicted fans.

Whenever the app returns, don’t expect updates, tweaks or modernizations of any kind. Just a message that will pop up from time to time, reminding you to take it easy, have a break, and, oh I don’t know, maybe try a different, less exhausting, smarter game.

Via [Engadget]

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