3D printing watch: HP plans to save the market, 3D selfies, Legos, kayaks

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Here’s what’s going on in the world of 3D printing today:

* PC World reports that HP will announce its arrival in the 3D printing marketplace in June. HP claims that existing 3D printing solutions are too slow and aren’t high enough in quality. We’ll see exactly what they’ll bring to the table to fix those issues in a few months.

* Or will HP (or Epson) simply buy 3D Systems?

* This engineer claims to be the first person to 3D-print a kayak, and he did it for just $500.

* “EDAG is a German design and engineering firm that has been working with most car manufacturers for the past four decades…Their latest concept is a 3D-printed composite passenger cell that was inspired by turtles and goes beyond today’s possibilities.” Intrigued? Read more of Jalopnik’s take on EDAG and the future of auto production. And get a close up look in this video:

* Are you vain, or just curious what you really look like in an action pose? Then you might like a 3D selfie statue. More info on this 3D scan-and-print at

* 3D-printed cardiac implants may save lives in the future.

* “3D printed stainless steel, brass and sterling silver LEGO jewelry”? Tell us more, press release. 

* Some financial analysts are questioning the financial viability of the 3D printing market. More insight here.

* A Texas high school’s venture into 3D printing.

* Ah, diplomacy. UK Prime Minister David Cameron just gave a 3D-printed gift to Israeli President Shimon Peres.

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