Samsung Galaxy S5 is indeed cheaper

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is indeed cheaper. Music to your ears, right? We were expecting that the Galaxy S5 will cost less than its predecessor as mentioned last month. We’re still considering that as a rumor but Korean media has just reported that the new Android smartphone will be 800 Won which is about $744 USD.

The new price is definitely cheaper than the $827 Samsung Galaxy S4. This is good news to Galaxy fans that have been anticipating the new flagship phone. The new Galaxy S5 boasts of a fingerprint scanner (just like the iPhone 5S), heart rate monitor, and IP67 certification. All these and more with an even cheaper price.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in 150 countries this coming April 11 but a March 27 arrival is also rumored. Stateside, the phone will probably with offered with a two-year agreement for $199.99 from six different mobile carriers. T-Mobile already received 300,000 pre-orders for the phone. Meanwhile, the AT&T Galaxy S5 which recently received approval from FCC will as for an initial downpayment aside from the monthly fee. Honestly, I think every deal will be worth the price because the phone will come out of the box with $500 worth of premium apps.

< Source: GSMArena >

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