Deal alert: Prepaid Apple iPhone 5s now just $385 with Virgin Mobile

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iPhone 5s VirginOh, how I love the smell of gadget discounts in the morning. At the crack of dawn earlier today, Virgin Mobile inaugurated yet another unrivaled Apple iPhone promotion, bringing the 5s price down to a new all-time low.

Those of you with a feeble heart had better sit down, as the deal may well knock your socks off and prompt the early cracking open of some piggy banks. Ready? Apple’s iPhone 5s is now available via Virgin Mobile for an incredible $384.99. Free of contract restrictions, and no mail-in rebates or anything needed.

You just have to order it ASAP from the prepaid carrier, and then sign up for one of their no-contract plans starting at $35 a month with unlimited data and messaging. Hurry, there’s a good chance the promo will end soon, though Virgin has no expiration date posted anywhere.

But they can’t possibly afford to sell the newest high-end iPhone so cheap for very long. Mind you, Apple still charges a whopping $650 through their online US store, albeit naturally you’d be dealing with an unlocked version in that case, which you could use on any GSM or CDMA network.

Ironically, Virgin’s iPhone 5s is significantly more affordable than the lower-end SIM-free 5c from the Apple Store, going for $550 and up. Bottom line, you don’t want to miss this special offer.

Via [Virgin Mobile]

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