Dark, quiet, spooky? Rocket Torch remedies (except spooky)

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Many portable wireless speakers try to be a number of different things these days: alarm clock, battery bank, or a piece of furniture, to name a few. But flashlight? Sounds crazy, right? But maybe not. Pyle Audio has just introduced a multi-function speaker that includes a built-in LED flashlight.

This new Bluetooth wireless speaker, dubbed the Rocket Torch (also one of my stage names, btw) looks neat and convenient. The other features include FM radio, mini SD card slot, aux in port, and a mini carabiner clip. The water resistant exterior makes it suitable for those times when you’re caught in the cliche of a dark and stormy night.

Pyle Audio Rocket TorchPersonally, I haven’t been impressed with the quality of built-in flashlights in non-flashlight products. External battery packs, I’m looking directly at you. However, the Rocket Torch packs an energy-efficient LED light that appears to have some promise. Maybe now, we can leave our smartphones and flashlight app in our pocket, and reach for a proper illumination device.

But when you’re not using the Rocket Torch to find where you dropped your keys in the dark, it’ll crank out some tunes. Although small, the 2W of power can provide more volume than your smartphone or tablet. Pair it via Bluetooth to your devices to stream music, or you can load a mini SD card and play directly from that. There are controls and a built-in speaker for allowing users to take phone calls hands-free.

The Pyle Audio Rocket Torch is small and convenient, making it a great choice if you’re looking to maximize tools with minimal space. From camping outdoors to every day carry (EDC), this is a speaker that can prove its value.

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