Motorola’s first phablet is expected in Q3, display said to measure 6.3 inches

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Moto XWe’ve known for a while Lenovo’s impending purchase won’t prevent Motorola from carrying through any Google-endorsed leftover hardware-producing projects, but if we’re to believe newly emerged gossip, this may include not only a Moto X sequel.

Apparently, Big G and Motorola were planning to approach the booming phablet market when Lenovo made Larry Page an offer he couldn’t refuse. The OEM’s first ever jumbo-sized smartphone is reportedly called Xplay, measures 6.3 inches in diagonal, and might break cover in Q3.

That’s between July and September, which just happens to be the approximate timeframe of the expected Moto X2 debut. So either the Xplay (not a final name, by the way) and the X2 roll out simultaneously, or the latter lands a little earlier.

For the record, this is actually not the first time a Moto-made phablet makes the rumor rounds. Also, the sources of the rumble are becoming increasingly credible. The Weibo tipster bringing the news of the possible Q3 release today is a known industry insider with a solid track record reporting Motorola hearsay, so take everything here with the traditional pinch of salt, but don’t be surprised if the intel pans out.

Now the bigger question is this: do we really need handhelds topping 6 inches? Better yet, do we want them, and can they crack the mainstream mobile arena? You have the floor.

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