All New HTC One expected to cost $600 outright, Verizon might get it first

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Verizon HTC One 2014With virtually everything there was to know about HTC’s next-generation flagship phone revealed already, and the formal announcement less than 24 hours away, literally only a couple of things could have made us hype the so-called “All New One” further.

Well, guess what, those exact few tidbits have just come to light. Namely, off-contract pricing, via always on the lookout Twitter tipster @evleaks, and an intriguing if not far-fetched availability detail.

Ready for the very last report (scout’s honor) preceding HTC M8’s intro? Good, because it’s really juicy. Apparently, the HTC One 2014 will cost $600 outright, so less than the original One’s asking price a year ago. Now let me see you choose between this all-aluminum bad boy, Samsung’s heart rate monitor-packing Galaxy S5, and Sony’s all-around amazing Xperia Z2.

The wild, outrageous, hard to believe part of the latest All New One-centric speculation cites a potential window dedicated exclusively to Verizon users. Namely, a source deemed trustworthy by a usually reliable website says the smartphone shall be available from Big Red and only Big Red starting tomorrow, April 25, through a few weeks later.

That would be sensational for Verizon, especially after last year’s debacle involving the HTC One, but disastrous for the three other major carriers stateside. Also, it might well damage HTC’s stature in the eyes of Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile customers. So no, I don’t buy it, though I’ve been wrong before.

Via [Twitter], [HTC Source]

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