Is Apple launching a streaming music service?

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You’ve got your Spotify, your Pandora, and a bevy of other streaming music services, but what if you had an Apple streaming music service? The company has already made iTunes Radio, so it’s not too much of a shock to hear that Apple is supposedly looking into launching a music subscription service.

Billboard has been speaking to “unnamed sources” that claim Apple is looking to show Rdio, Beats and every other competitor what its made of…musically speaking that is. The Apple iTunes Store boasts a very comprehensive collection of music, so to be able to have access to it for a monthly rate wouldn’t exactly be something many people would scoff at. At least I wouldn’t. Although, c’mon, it’s time iTunes had access to the Beatles’ music already!

What’s the difference, then, between this purported streaming music service and the already existent iTunes Radio? Well, iTunes Radio is an ad-supported streaming service that doesn’t offer much in the way of user control.

Apple is also reportedly looking into moving iTunes Radio to a standalone app, and supposedly the company is also considering creating an iTunes app for Android devices. Steve Jobs had said that he didn’t “want to make Android users happy” by giving them access to iTunes on Android devices, but current CEO Tim Cook doesn’t seem to share the same viewpoint.

“We have no religious issue with doing that. If we thought it made sense for us to do that, we would do that,” Cook said last year, responding to a question about whether Apple would consider making apps for Android.

You better watch out, Pandora! Apple is coming for you (allegedly)!

[Source: PCMag]

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