Nighttime snooping? Opgal has camera, Android app for that

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There is almost no-end to the power and versatility of today’s smartphones. Just when you might think we’ve seen it all, another company pops up with a new set of features. Private eye? Super spy? Home security? You got it. The Therm-App will deck out your smartphone with thermal and night vision imaging.

Opgal therm-app cameraCreated by Opgal Optronic Industries, Therm-App is the first to bring these technologies to the Android platform. Why not? Such standalone cameras are available to consumers.

But now, consumers have another smartphone tool at their disposal. Since the camera portion of the Therm-App fits a number of smartphone models, almost anyone can get their own to run around in the dark for fun.

Opgal Therm-App camera screenshotThe Therm-App is entirely plug & play. The camera mounts and attaches to the smartphone, while the app record and save images and videos. Interchangeable lenses lets users choose from long-range or wide viewing. It’s even compatible with tripods too.

But the truly amazing part of Therm-App is how it combines cost-effective simplicity in such a mobile form. Have you seen what typical night vision or thermal optics look like? It’s easy to be mistaken for some cyborg or special-ops soldier while wearing some. Plus, the cost can be staggering, especially for someone who wants to be able to capture images at night.

The Therm-App device is currently available to Opgal customers, and has a whole line of accessories to boot. Visit their website for more information.

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  • Ricky

    This Therm-App would be good for Law Enforcement to use to see if someone’s car is hot at a vacant home showing an intruder. Or for personal use in winter time for hunters to spot game in the woods.