The iWatch is for real, still in its prototype stage

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The iWatch is for real. Apple has not made any announcement yet but we’re expecting it will soon. So the Cupertino company is finally joining the smartwatch bandwagon? Looks very much like it. After all, the iWatch team already has 200 employees

Apple’s wearable device could be a bestseller just like any of its products. It may have started the iPod Nano watch trend which resulted to the smartwatch being introduced in the market by other companies. To date, we’ve seen the Pebble, Galaxy Gear, Galaxy Gear 2, Galaxy Gear Neo, Qualcomm Toq, HTC wearables, and the recently launched Android Wear by Google.

The iWatch is said to be in its prototype stage for now. That means it’s coming but not yet anytime soon. But then again it may only be a test. I’d like to bet that it’s really coming.

An Apple iWatch running the next iOS 8? That would be interesting. If not an official iWatch maybe a fitness tracking band perhaps? Apple going to rival the Samsung Gear and Pebble finally? I know I want that. The smartwatch scene is still small maybe it’s time Apple steps up the game. What do you think? Will Apple finally add to the 90 million wearables that are expected to be sold this 2014?

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