Grim predictions put Samsung’s 12.2-inch tab shipments at one million in 2014

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Galaxy Note ProSamsung unveiled its newest range of high-end tablets with great fanfare back at CES in January, however at least two of the Pro-branded models might be facing an uphill battle in their road to mainstream popularity.

According to Digitimes Research, Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 and Note Pro sales are expected to reach a combined total of only one million units for the entire duration of 2014. That’s clearly a bleak forecast, but since it’s based on current demand and enterprise PC market trends, it could well pan out.

The top-shelf slate duo’s biggest flaw is reportedly a very weak price/performance ratio compared to upper mid-range traditional notebooks, as the largest GTab Pro costs $600 starting yesterday and the Note Pro goes for $100 north.

All while offering exceptional specs for conventional tablets, but somewhat underwhelming productivity and functionality for anyone used to operate a physical keyboard-toting laptop. Sounds like Apple was on to something when pulling the plug on the oft-rumored iPad Pro.

As for Samsung, their only hope to profit from 12.2-inch tab sales this year would probably be to lower asking prices before it’s too late. Or maybe roll out optional, affordable keyboard docks ASAP. In the meantime, they’ll want to crank up advertising efforts, insist on the winning designs and battery life of the Pros, and stop comparing Android with iOS or Windows.

Via [Digitimes]

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