The Panasonic HX-A500 will film your activities in ultra HD, but make you look like a dorky dad

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An action cam is an absolute must for anybody who identifies as an adventurer, cool-things-seer, or extreme-sport-doer. The hard part these days is sifting through all the options on the market to find the best option for you.

Panasonic has the best option for lovers of great image quality. The HX-A500 is boasted as the world’s first 4k/30p Wearable Camera. If ultra high-def is what you’re into, don’t waste your time with the plebes of action cams. At least, that’s basically what they’re saying.

Pros: The camera is lightweight easy to mount on your head and the image quality is bound to kick ass. The lens unit is separable from the main unit for face-level POV shooting and the whole shebang is waterproof and dustproof.

He looks dorky but he’s probably doing something awesome so it’s okay.

Cons: You have to strap it to your head and connect it to a device strapped on your arm. Totally worth it, I suppose, but still dorky looking. (You’re not getting this for your birthday, Dad.)

The camera has an ultra wide angle of 160 degrees and is complete with low-light performance. I think I speak for everyone when I say low-light performance in lieu of a spotlight is the most annoying thing to happen to modern home-shooting cameras, but in the case of an action came it’s appropriate. For slow motion video, you can shoot at higher frame rates with lower resolutions. I’m already dreaming of the golf swing I can achieve with this thing.

This baby comes with a color LCD panel for insta-checking how your performance looks– just in case you have to give it another run before the sun goes down, because a subpar action shot is not Facebook humble-brag worthy. It connects to smartphones with NFC capabilities via wifi and can share highlights via an Image App, because waiting until after your victory meal to post your brags to the net is just unacceptable. But if you’re REALLY eager and totally confident in your sweet skills, you can just USTREAM your badassery live. Rock and roll, Tiger.

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