Booqpad for iPad Air blends tech with professional polish

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booq logoDespite how much modern technology pervades and improves our lives, there is still a large segment of the population that shies away from it. Just over the weekend, while visiting my wife’s noni, we initiated a Google hangout so noni could speak to and see her sister. The two hadn’t seen each other (live) for over 20 years, even though they talk on the phone daily.

Although delightful, the tech was still “too distracting.” The elderly pair ultimately prefer tradition, citing Google hangouts as some “modern foolishness.” They had an hour-long phone conversation about it shortly after.

booq booqpad ipad air sideNot everyone embraces technology in the same way, which also holds true in many professional situations. If you work in outside sales, you probably understand that impressions mean everything. How you present yourself can factor greatly in decisions, even more than the service(s) you provide. Fumbling around with tech is a sure-fire way to be regarded as incompetent.

But if you’re looking for that versatile middle-ground, booq has got your back. Booq has just introduced their new booqpad for the Apple iPad Air. This stylish folio provides protection for your iPad Air, multiple viewing angles, and a notepad for handwritten notes. Sometimes a simple hand drawing can connect ideas better than the brightest tablet screen.

This kind of folio almost sets a precedent for modern-era briefcases. Information is so easy to store and access these days, that it’s any wonder why mobile devices are so popular. The booqpad features a polycarbonate snap case that attaches to the genuine leather folio via magnets. No velcro, snaps, or slots to fumble around with, but magnets! It makes removing the iPad Air a breeze.

The included notepad can be set on either the right or the left for comfort. Add in a few important papers and stylus/pen combo, and you’ve got yourself a sharp presentation tool. The folio can angle in multiple ways, ideal for viewing or typing on the tablet. Simple. Elegant. What more could one want for a professional tech arsenal?

The booqpad for iPad Air is available for $60 at booq’s website.

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