This Blackfire lantern/flashlight clamps where you need it

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Whether it’s camping or cavorting around your backyard in the dark that you enjoy, proper illumination is always desired. Headlamps are useful for keeping hands free, although lanterns typically provide a wider flood of light. Flashlights are compact and powerful, but better at cutting through the darkness than brightening up an area. As much as I love great lights, I also like keeping my gear to a functional minimum.

If you’re like me, looking for the next gadget for home or outdoors, Blackfire has it. This Clamplight is a lantern that stands, hangs, clips to things, and it also doubles as a flashlight. It’s any wonder that it’s a Red Dot Award winner. This is what all camping lanterns should be.

Blackfire Clamplight Lantern boatThe genius behind the Clamplight Lantern is that the concept is so simple! The built-in clamps lets you attach it to branches, rails, backpacks and almost anything else you can imagine. Instead of having to put up with light as good as you can get it, you can now control it how you want. The pivoting head adjusts for the best angle, whether it’s hanging from a tent or standing up on a tablet.

The Clamplight Lantern packs Cree LED bulbs. Users can toggle brightness as well as flashlight mode with the press of a button. This lantern durable, weatherproof, and easy to grip, making it a useful multi-tool for work, safety, or outdoor adventure. It runs off of only three AA batteries. So whether you need something new or are looking to consolidate gadgets, this Blackfire Clamplight Lantern delivers power while saving space.

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