Soon, Glass won’t get you evicted for lack of fashion

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As exciting of a tech advancement Google Glass has been, it’s been battered with criticism over its appearance. There’s no amount of attractive faces or photoshop enhancements that can prevent me from thinking ‘dork’ every time I see someone wearing it. Maybe the design is ahead of its time, but right now it’s little more than some odd, ocular headband.

Google Glass handThe good news is that soon enough you can get kicked out of an establishment for Glass’s recording capability, instead of also for demonstrating poor fashion sense. Google has just announced that it intends to make its wearable tech more stylish. What better way than to partner up with Luxottica, the makers of Ray-Ban and Oakley frames?

So far, Google Glass has only been available to a test group, and it’s still unknown when the general public will be able to purchase one of their own. Bets are that the company will have new, more fashionable frames first before announcing consumer availability.

Two months ago, Google unveiled four new frame styles that could be equipped with prescription lenses. A quick look is all one needs to tell that this partnership with Luxottica has been the best fashion-decision yet. The company also plans to sell Glass in its stores once the device has been released to the general market. No prices have been announced yet, although we can expect those right before Glass goes on sale, which could be later this year.

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