The TAO WellShell allows you to workout and be lazy at the same time–At least I think that’s what it does

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TAO_pushit_circleExercising is really, really hard. You have to buy workout clothes, do your hair for the gym so it looks pleasantly disheveled like you didn’t try that hard, count reps, take your pulse, acquire equipment (either from the store or from the equipment hoarder in the corner of the gym by the mirror wall) and just generally think really hard.

For people like me, exercising is such a struggle not because the workouts themselves are hard but because the process sucks. The team at TAO-Wellness doesn’t appear to get down with the process either because they made the TAO WellShell. TAO is a program that involves pressing down on the WellShell at the exact instruction of the comprehensive app on your smartphone. The system measures the force exerted and directs you based on that. Sound super simple? It’s a breath of fresh air, isn’t it?

To give you a clearer picture of how this works, you take the WellShell, press it between your knees harder or softer and for however many reps according to the app, which is coaching you audibly, and you get some exercise for your thunder thighs.  Push it down with both hands on top of your thighs and you start toning the abs hidden under the beer belly Phi Theta Kappa Banana gave you back in college.

Feel the burn

Feel the burn

I’m seriously enamored with this product because it means I don’t have to figure out what Vinyasa Yoga is to get a butt that belongs on the cover of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue (it’s getting there, don’t pressure me). I don’t have to blow half my paycheck on workout clothes that strike the perfect balance between skimpiness and coverage, rainbow colors and solid black, and tight spandex and baggy cotton (for the girl who can pull off the “shlumpy” look). I can also make maximum use of this program while watching reruns of Game of Thrones, so it’s a win-win.

The app tracks heart rate (so you don’t have to), sleep patterns, pedometer info, and offers gamification features to ease the dullness of a TV-less workout.

I can’t wait to cancel my gym membership (just kidding, I don’t have one) and humblebrag about my new rock star glutes in the caption of my mirror selfies. Honestly, I can no longer imagine my life without this thing and I haven’t even bought one, yet.

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