South Korean telecoms can’t sell Samsung’s Galaxy S5

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Uh oh. What’s happening in South Korea? It’s where the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 comes from but unfortunately, some local telecoms are banned to witness the April 11 launch. Samsung did not ban the three major telecoms but the local government. It was reported the local government is mad at the three, SK Telecom, Korea Telecom (KT), and LG U+ , for subsiding illegally smartphones with more than the $249 (270,000 won) limit.

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As punishment for these carriers, the local government officials is enforcing a ban that will disallow them to upgrade or sell smartphones some periods between March 13 and May 19. SK Telecom is banned on April 5 to May 19, LG U+ from March 13 to April 4 and April 27 to May 18. Meanwhile, KT is banned from March 12 to April 26.

This means the three will lose opportunities to take advantage of the official Samsung Galaxy S5 launch. Possible Galaxy S5 sales will be lost. The mobile carriers will close up shop and this will affect their sales definitely.

If telecoms are banned, this will also result to Samsung losing some Galaxy S5 sales but IDC analyst Jeronimo Franco says this will only be temporary– a short-term dusturbance. South Korea is the fifth biggest market for Samsung. It will be affected but not much. Samsung and the three telecoms are still expected to sell millions of Galaxy S5.

< Source: TheGuardian >

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