Apple sells 500 millionth iPhone this March

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We’ll always be interested in how many iPhones the Cupertino company is selling. More than seven years after the first iPhone was launched, Apple has sold the 500 millionth iPhone. Nothing surprising here as Apple still has a bestseller. Apple releasing two iPhone models at the same time must have really helped.

It was only three years ago, in February 2011, that the 100 millionth iPhone was sold by Apple. After one year, Apple was proud to have sold 200 million units. After the phone’s exclusivity with AT&T has ended, iPhone sales have reached 300 million. Fast forward to July 2013, it reached 400 million.

And after only eight months, the 500 millionth iPhone was sold. It was exactly on March 8 when the monumental number was reached. Honestly, with the arrival of the iPhone 6 and another iPhone model this year, maybe later in summer, we can expect the 600 millionth iPhone to be purchased even before the year ends.

I’ve only had two iPhones from Apple since I got one in October 2008. After two years, I upgraded to the iPhone 4. I skipped last year and did not purchase an iPhone 5S but I will definitely get the next-generation model, an iPhone 6, after a year.

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