Nokia to reveal ‘more Lumia’ on April 2

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nokia lumia event april 2

Nothing much to say here but Nokia is about to reveal a new Lumia phone. It will be a Windows Phone 8.1 device because the new mobile OS is yet to be unveiled as well.

The Microsoft Build developer conference will start on April 2 so we’re expecting a new Lumia or that Windows Phone 8.1. Could it be the Nokia Lumia 930 Martini or the Lumia 630 Moneypenny?

We can’t wait to know what the Windows Phone 8.1 is all about. We don’t know much except it’s codenamed ‘Blue’ and some features were shown off at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February. Rumor has it that it will also have something like Siri and will be called as Cortana. There’s also some information about it getting an improved camera function, IE11, and built-in VPN support.  

Microsoft seems to be still in the game what with all the Lumia phones being introduced left and right. Not as many as the Android phones but at least we know there is still a place for Windows Phone especially the deal is about to be finished this April.

So it’s April 2 now and not April 19 as we first reported. And should we expect news about delayed acquisition of Microsoft and Nokia? What do you think?

< Source: ZDNet >

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