Leaked: Low-end, low-cost LG Optimus Zone 2 for Verizon

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LG Optimus Zone 2Verizon’s prepaid smartphone lineup, grossly neglected until very recently, got a major notoriety and popularity boost when Motorola’s Moto G broke cover. Especially as the upper mid-range device was made available at an ultra-low price: $99.99.

The thing is it’s going to be mighty hard for future prepaid Big Red handhelds to make any sort of waves, as they need to lower the pricing bar and/or up the hardware ante. Obviously, the forthcoming LG Optimus Zone 2 can’t possibly compete on specs, so unless it costs, say, $40 contract-free, it’ll go completely unnoticed.

Expected out by June, when its predecessor, the first-gen Optimus Zone, will turn one, the little guy has been pictured by leak guru @evleaks in high-quality, press-friendly form, looking, well, as humble and cheap as they come.

Aesthetically speaking, the only striking detail about the Optimus Zone 2 is its outrageous use of logos. FYI, I mean “striking” in the “they’re so ugly you can’t look away” way. For crying out loud, it’s like the phone is one big Verizon commercial, with some LG product placement thrown in for good measure.

On the bright side, the handheld isn’t as blocky as its forefather, runs Android 4.4 KitKat and is likely a tad larger. 3.5, maybe 3.8 inches, with, I’m guessing, HVGA or VGA resolution, a modest 5 MP camera lacking Flash, plus 512 MB RAM and, at best, a 1 GHz chip. Hey, LG, Verizon, 2010 called…

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