Sony focused on custom smartwatch OS for now, door not closed to Android Wear

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Sony-SmartWatch-2One extremely important Sony official rattled the tech world less than 24 hours ago, crushing rumors the Xperia makers will join Google in its fledgling wearable-dedicated Android Wear project. Instead, Ravi Nookala said, the Japan-based company is set to remain focused on its proprietary smartwatch platform, whose roots lie with Android as well.

The reasoning was as simple as it was practical, namely Sony’s reluctance to toss away years of time, financial resources spent and dedication. But, as it turns out, the door is not entirely closed to Android Wear.

Sony Mobile’s global PR team took to Twitter to clarify the statements of its US arm head honcho, saying the OEM indeed intends to continue promoting the SmartWatch 2 and SmartBand as they are, holding off on any Wear-based hardware development for when the OS will take off.

That could of course mean three, six months, a year or two from now, or never. But the bottom line is Sony is interested in Google’s take on software for wearable devices, as long as it works better than other solutions.

This recent update makes it intriguing to see if a SmartWatch 3 is in the pipeline, though presumably, Sony is adopting a “wait and see” strategy to the whole matter at hand. Meanwhile, LG and Motorola are mere months away from commercially launching the G Watch and Moto 360.

Careful there, Sony, with your cautiousness. You might board the Android Wear train when it’s too late to make a difference.

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