Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 rumors start to crop up, details are light

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samsung-galaxy-megaWith close to a year having passed since Samsung made the surprising announcement of two borderline crazy-large phablets, it’s still unusually quiet on the Galaxy Mega front. A pointless Mega Plus broke cover in China last month, but otherwise, it feels like Sammy might be ready to abandon the mid-range gadget family.

Wait, check that, Sam Mobile just “confirmed” a “second-generation” Samsung Galaxy Mega lineup. Oh, like they “confirmed” two Galaxy S5 variants, one made of metal and packing a Snapdragon 805 chip a couple of months ago?

Hopefully, this time their speculation will prove a little more reliable, though to be fair, no one’s 100 percent sure the aluminum-clad S5 Prime isn’t looming large on the horizon. Remember, several reports slated the bad boy for a May intro, and it ain’t May yet.

If the second-gen Galaxy Megas are real, they too could see daylight in May. Or April. There will probably be two of them, a 6.3 and 5.8 incher, just like last year, Android 4.4 KitKat is no doubt running on both, while everything else remains a puzzle.

Actually, no, our sources also tell us the 2014 Mega duo shall pack hexa-core Exynos processors similar to the one found inside the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. That’s a whopper raw speed-wise, mind you, so prospective buyers may want to start saving up.

Via [Sam Mobile]

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