Aluminum, carbon fiber, magnets? Yup, now for iPhone 5/5s

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Rokform logoTired of your old smartphone case? You might be, if it doesn’t look like it could eat you for breakfast. And if it does, then maybe it’s high time for you to get up and get out! Spring is here (mostly), so there’s little excuse not to explore the outdoors and reinvigorate your soul. Pumped up yet? Well before you hop on your bike or hit the trail, make sure that your smartphone is as equipped as you are.

Rokform has just announced their latest case for the Apple iPhone 5/5s. The Fuzion Plus aluminum case, based off the highly-successful Fuzion, features better looks and improved mountability. The powerful magnet built into the case exterior lets you stick your iPhone to any Rokform mount system or ferrous metal object. Don’t care about magnets? Me neither! Because this case just looks slick.

Rokform fuzion plus iphone caseMaybe it’s a guy-thing, but it’s hard not to be drawn to aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber materials.The Rokform Fuzion Plus has all that in spades. The iPhone 5 is protected by a high-impact inner shell, with the machined aluminum wrapping around the exterior. The case has been designed so that it doesn’t interfere with signals or wireless functions.

I changed my mind; I do care about magnets. Magnet-mounting is in, evidenced by a number of widely-successful Kickstarter projects, such as MagBak and Neutron S. With the built-in magnet, chiseled features, and proper protection, how could one own an iPhone 5 and not want this Fuzion Plus case?

The Rokform Fuzion Plus for iPhone 5/5s comes in choice of gunmetal, raw aluminum, camouflage, and matte black finishes. All of them look pretty darn good too.

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