AT&T rolls out Android 4.4 KitKat update for HTC One mini

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HTC Android 4.4As the sole US carrier to be bestowed upon with the honor of selling HTC’s 2013 diminutive flagship, the One mini, AT&T inherited certain unavoidable burdens. Thankfully, the number two wireless operator stateside seems to thrive under pressure, very promptly updating the Liliputian beast to Android 4.4 KitKat.

It’s been merely a few weeks since the “full-sized” One started receiving chocolaty firmwares over-the-air on American shores, and already, Ma Bell is sending a hefty 658 MB software package to its network-locked One mini, model number PO58220.

Remember to activate your Wi-Fi function and hook up to a reliable connection before proceeding to the upgrade, and also be sure the battery is above the 50 percent mark. Ideally, as close as possible to 100 percent, as it could all take a while.

Aside from actually rolling out Android 4.4, AT&T has been kind enough to detail every little tweak that looms on the horizon. And boy, is the list lengthy. First and foremost, the user interface will be subtly revamped, with restyled status and navigation bars, a brand new full-screen immersive mode and color emoji support.

Then you get a rehashed phone dialer app, reimagined BlinkFeed, a Gmail-resembling e-mail UI, fresh clock interface and a host of minor bug fixes. Finally, performance is slightly improved across the board, starting with web browsing, processing speed and camera capabilities.

Oh, and remember, the One mini currently costs a measly penny with two-year pacts via Amazon, making it one heck of a bargain, regardless of the handheld’s advancing age.

Via [AT&T Blog]

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