One king to rule them all: Nokia Monarch headed to T-Mobile

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Nokia-Lumia-925Nokia has a way with device codenames, often making even the most underwhelming, uninteresting low-end Lumia phones seem like a big deal. Remember the “Batman”, aka Lumia 1320? Or how about the Normandy, otherwise known as the Nokia X? Then you got all the Bond-related aliases (Goldfinger, Moneypenny, Martini), plus the enigmatic Phantom.

And now, the Monarch. Sounds big, royalty figure-like big, yet odds are it won’t exactly be a groundbreaker. Steadfast and always reliable serial leaker @evleaks has it on good authority this mystery Lumia is T-Mobile-bound, in which case it should follow on the foosteps of the wildly successful 521 and not so popular 925.

The two are the only Lumias currently available with Magenta, costing $156 and $408 full retail prices. Sooo, is any one of them due for an upgrade? You bet, though I don’t think a T-Mo-locked Lumia 525 or 526 is in the cards. And the 530 is dubbed “Rock” on the inside (another cool alternate name).

Bottom line, the Monarch is likely to replace the 10 month-old Lumia 925, being probably one and the same with the “international” 930, aka Martini. I’d expect a subtle branding tweak to help differentiate them, and very few hardware discrepancies.

Ergo, my final prediction is the Lumia 935, aka Monarch, will break cover in April, at Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference, or a little later. Price? Let’s say $600, give or take.

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