Facebook hits 1 billion mobile users

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I’m not always on Facebook these days but I believe the top social network is still relevant. Mark Zuckerberg will only get richer each second Facebook is online. Just an update: Facebook’s mobile ap subscribers have reached one billion. The number was quick to rise from 945 million back in December 2013.

The Facebook mobile app is one of the widely used apps right now. According to Zuckerberg, 20 percent of people’s time on their phones are spent on Facebook. No doubt about that.

The Facebook-owned Instagram is also making waves–still making waves. From 100 million members to 200 million, Instagram grew since Facebook acquired the photo-sharing social app two years ago. But take note, the last 50 million members only signed up the past six months.

Facebook has started to make money off Instagram too. It’s expected. The $1 billion purchase may have been too much but that’s nothing to Zuckerberg. Just recently, the billionaire spent another $2 billion ($400 million cash and 23.1 million shares of stock) to buy the Oculus V–a virtual reality firm. We’re not clear though what Facebook will do with it. With Instagram, we easily figured out what it can do with the photo sharing app but with Oculus V, we’re not sure.

One billion mobile subscribers. That’s a lot. I wonder when and how fast it will reach two billion.

< Source: USAToday >

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