LG plans to bring Android 4.4 to Optimus G ‘during the summer’

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LG-Optimus-G-kitkatLG’s aging but raging Optimus G was the innocent victim of a KitKat-related false alarm back in December 2013, when the OEM’s Estonian arm rashly and incorrectly posted a much too optimistic Android 4.4 update timeline.

Since then, we heard nothing of a potential KitKat firmware ever making its way to the root of the Nexus 4. Nada. Yet that doesn’t mean LG will keep the Optimus G on 4.1 Jelly Bean until the end of times.

In fact, if we’re to believe SFR France, the 4.7-inch smartphone is due for a chocolaty break “during the summer”. Should we buy that? Well, truth be told, the European operator’s reputation is shady at best, with several schedules messed up these past few months.

Remember the deadline they first gave us for G2’s 4.4 bump? Exactly, it was December 2013, which then turned into January 2014 and finally March. But it all happened in the end, so likewise, the Optimus G may not score KitKat in June, July or August, and instead wait until autumn.

The important thing is to get it sooner or later, especially as LG has no plans to bring 4.2 or 4.3 Jelly Bean to the OG. By the by, the Optimus G can be currently had for an incredibly low $285 contract-free via an Amazon-approved third-party seller. One heck of a deal, no?

Via [SFR]

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