Deal alert: Factory unlocked Nokia X for $150 on eBay

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Nokia XYou know how Nokia’s first foray into uncharted Android-based territory, the X line, isn’t available yet stateside, and will probably remain that way forever and ever? What a load of poppycock. There are always ways to score gadgets from abroad, Nokia, so you might as well officially launch the X, X+ and/or XL.

Actually, you’d better, as the best US deal for the Nokia X is in progress over on eBay, where a top-rated seller asks no less than $149.97. It’s a decent deal considering the phone isn’t up for grabs from anywhere else, but all in all, it’s really a rip-off.

Motorola’s Moto G is a far superior slab of silicon in every way, from size to display resolution, processing power, software, cameras and even battery life, and you can find that bad boy at $100 or less.

Meanwhile, Nokia’s own Lumia 520 is around $60 with AT&T prepaid plans and $115 in an unlocked flavor. Sure, it runs Windows Phone 8, which compared to traditional Android builds is shoddy. But pitted against X’s forked Jelly Bean, it’s dreamy.

Bottom line, unless you’re really, really, really curious what Nokia’s debut Android stab looks like, don’t buy the $150 X. It’s not worth it. Heck, it’s probably not worth 100 clams, let alone 150.

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