HTC reiterates tablet and wearable plans, calls Galaxy S5 a piece of ‘cheap plastic’

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Oh snap, it looks like One (M8)’s swift commercial release and Desire 816’s warm critical and public reception have really plucked up HTC’s courage, as the company’s CEO says the long term goal now is to grab 10 percent of the total mobile market share. Globally.

That would still be a fraction of Samsung and Apple’s numbers (currently sitting at roughly 31 and 16 percent), but since HTC accounted for less than 5 percent of worldwide smartphone sales in 2013, it’s truly a gutsy target.

Doable also? Perhaps, though let’s not neglect up-and-coming China-based OEMs such as Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE or Oppo. And then there’s Sony. And LG. Bottom line, it sounds like an uphill struggle.

Only HTC’s officials aren’t pulling their punches anymore when battling the top dogs. Jason Mackenzie, the President of the stateside arm, recently ridiculed Samsung’s Galaxy S5, claiming it’s “built out of cheap plastic”.

And the jabs didn’t stop there. Mackenzie also poked fun at Samsung’s overall business strategy, saying the Koreans are “focused on investing in advertising” rather than designing beautiful products “you can feel proud of”.

Rounding up the picture of a determined, no-nonsense, steadfast, maybe desperate hardware manufacturer, CEO Peter Chou once again confirmed tablet and wearable computing development plans, leaving out however all specifics on names, specifications and dates.

But we already have a few ideas and hints on both their tabs and purported smartwatches. So look out, Samsung, Apple, as HTC is set on bringing trouble to your thriving businesses.

Via [China Post] and [Business Insider]

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