Apple plans to save texting idiots from bodily harm

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You’ve probably seen them while out and about around town. They can be found pounding pavement to local eateries during lunch hours, or even strolling through local malls or plazas. Maybe you’ve had one walk through your personal bubble to collide with your body. Yup. We’re talking about those texting fools who can’t watch where they’re going.

texting walkingAlthough not quite as devastating as distracted driving, the underlying concept of texting while walking is the same. People simply aren’t paying attention. But soon, iPhone users can rejoice in safety as Apple has just secured the rights to a new patent technology. This new feature will superimpose text over a live camera feed.

The patent filing notes that this ‘transparent’ technology can also be used for reading web pages or reading e-books. Users will be able to turn it on and off at will. There is no indication of when iPhone users will gain this much-needed relief, though one can assume a future iOS version will feature it.

So if Apple is soon to utilize this technology, what does that say about iPhone owners? Are they so ill-mannered that they need a big company like Apple to babysit their habits? Or is this meant to add to the elitist-status of iPhone ownership by allowing those to remain aloof and distracted? Perhaps transparent text is Apple’s latest strategy to maintain more iPhone users. A loss is a loss, be it to Android or from walking off a curb into moving traffic, right?

<Source: nbcnews>

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