Nokia Lumia 630 captured in the wild with Windows Phone 8.1, lackluster hardware

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Nokia Lumia 630It’s game over for Nokia’s upcoming entry-level Lumia 630 smartphone as far as mystery goes, with a bunch of promotional materials, low-res photos and even a hands-on video revealing everything there is to know about the handheld ahead of its likely April 2 debut.

Oh, well, Nokia still has a little bit of secrecy surrounding the Lumia 930, aka Martini, and if the floodgates don’t open in the eleventh hour, Wednesday’s press event is shaping up to be captivating… enough.

As expected, the Lumia 630 seems to run Windows Phone 8.1, the unreleased next-gen OS build that’s to get a formal introduction in roughly 48 hours. The clip embedded below focuses a bit on the platform’s tweaks and enhancements, however don’t take everything for granted just yet. It’s entirely possible the software was unfinished or at least unpolished when tested.

For instance, where the fudge is Cortana, Microsoft’s highly anticipated Siri-like voice assistant? Hardware-wise, the Lumia 630 is quite the mixed bag, packing an unusually zippy processor for its predicted price range, but also a shockingly miserable rear-facing camera.

The main snapper comes with a 5 MP sensor in tow (ew!) and no flash (oh, come on!), while beneath the hood a quad-core Snapdragon 400 chip and 1 GB RAM take care of business. The display is likewise a bittersweet affair, measuring 4.5 inches in diagonal but sporting a sub-par WVGA resolution, and the product dimensions circle numbers we pretty much expected: 129.5 mm in height, 66.7 mm in width.

Set to accommodate two SIM cards at once for the first time in Windows Phone history, the Nokia Lumia 630 will allegedly cost the equivalent of $160 in China. Okay, I officially take back all my early criticism. For $160, the specs are fantastic.

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