Motorola Moto G Forte with improved ‘durability’ tipped for Latin America launch

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Moto G ForteIt’s no secret Motorola’s sales numbers were starting to pick up just as Google was preparing to dispose of the company, selling it to Lenovo. Thanks to the customizable Moto X and especially the uber-affordable Moto G, the handheld maker improved its global notoriety and prestige greatly of late.

And chances are the rise won’t stop there. Apparently, some sort of extra-durable Moto G variant is in the works, though we know very little about it. Allegedly dubbed Moto G Forte, the no doubt budget-friendly device is targeted at emerging markets and primarily at Latin America.

Why Latin America specifically? No idea. But I’m guessing the Forte, if real, will see daylight sooner or later in Europe as well. North America? Too soon to tell.

Now, what exactly did @evleaks mean by improved “durability”? It’s clearly ambiguous, and likely intentionally so, albeit there are only two ways to boost that particular area of the Moto G. Either the battery is due for a capacity increase, or the phone’s outer shell will resist things like fingerprints, dust, maybe water.

In other words, we expect the Moto G Forte to rock a water, dust-protected exterior and larger juicer. Say, tipping the scales at 2,400 mAh, give or take. Bizarrely, the tweet outing the rugged gadget also includes a fishy photo, believed to showcase not a G Forte, but instead a run-of-the-mill G tucked into a protective case. Smells like a hoax to me.

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