HTC One (M8) demand flourishing in Taiwan, but what about the US?

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HTC-One-M8Vagueness is rarely coincidental in today’s mobile landscape, where money and numbers talk, so usually, when a device manufacturer slips ambiguous information to the press, it spells trouble. Like they’re trying to artificially build buzz and demand.

Case in point, HTC. Their One (M8) commercial launch went smoothly, as multiple UK retailers and three of four US major carriers got inventory mere hours after the handheld officially broke cover, yet the leak extravaganza preceding the intro hurt the initial public reception greatly.

Besides, leaks or no leaks, the “All New” One is just not that big of a deal. Sure, it’s an evolution over the 2013 HTC One, but in certain ways, like the camera or all-around look, it’s tied with its predecessor or simply not as good.

Ergo, sales can’t possibly be booming, which is why HTC, through partners and “friends”, has revealed Taiwanese “demand is higher than supply”. How high? Exactly what volumes are we dealing with? They don’t say. They simply claim M8 orders have doubled each day between March 25 and 28.

Now, sure, that’s a formidable feat, if true, regardless of how insignificant Taiwan is when it comes to key mobile markets. But everyone knows the big bucks are on the Western hemisphere, especially stateside.

And how’s the 2014 One doing on American shores? Hard to tell, which is in itself a hint. What’s easy to tell is demand ain’t higher than supply with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint, all three having plenty units around to promise instant shipping and overnight delivery.

Via [Focus Taiwan]

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