Samsung Galaxy S5 also features a hidden baby monitor

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Samsung launched its highly rumored Galaxy S5 last month at the Mobile World Congress 2014, with the availability set to 11th of April for over 150 countries. Several retailers in those regions have already started taking pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy S5, as well as the Gear smartwatches.

The Galaxy S5 is packed with quite a lot of features, such as the heart rate monitor, fingerprint scanner, several health-related features especially with Samsung Gear 2 or Gear Fit smartwatch, and a lot more. However, it seems the handset still has some features which will come to light when the handset will hit retail. Recently, the folks at Soyacincau found out the handset will also feature a baby monitor. Surprised? We were too. However, you must have a Gear smartwatch to make use of this feature.

The feature is hidden inside the accessibility settings, according to the source, and requires a Samsung Gear smartwatch to work, as it will send a vibrating alert whenever it detects the baby crying. It has to be placed 1m away from the baby, in a place where there’s no outside noise.

Samsung also urge parents to use this as an aiding device, and not anything medical. Additionally, never, ever, leave your baby unattended, during sleep or when the baby is up.

Other than this, there aren’t much details available about this feature, but we’ll definitely know more about it once the handset hits retail.

Source: Soyacincau, Engadget

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