April Fools: Huawei, ZTE launching 5G Internet network on Mars

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Two of the biggest brands from China, Huawei and ZTE, are busy right to advance the mobile industry in the country and the world. Why, the two are even working together to launch 5G telecommunications network by year 2020 on planet Mars.

The announcement was made at the China National Space Administration’s Beijing headquarters in a joint press conference. According to Huawei and ZTE, the network will be launched in stages starting with Tharsis and Elysium provinces and onto the basins of Hellas, Argyre, and Isidis up to the Valles Marineris. These are the more popular volcanoes found in the Solar System.

Huawei and ZTE are expecting the 5G efforts in space will be speedy and fully operational by 2020. They will also have some counterparts here on Earth.

The question now is will Martians like the Internet speed? 5G is the next level after 4G and 2020 is six years from now. Maybe the name 5G will be irrelevant or obsolete by then. Try 9G or 10G.

So Facebook, Instragram, or tweet about what you’ve been doing in Mars. It’s not impossible, really.

Of course, this is just an April Fool’s Joke. Seriously, I like the idea of a Solar System-wide Internet network but I think “Earthly” providers must perfect or at least improve the technology. I’m taking about speed and reliability. If earthlings can’t have a single Internet service provider to trust, they should think twice about this.

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