Best April Fools’ prank? Nokia 3310 revamped with 41 MP cam, Windows Phone

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Nokia 3310 PureViewThere’s usually nothing lamer than a big-time tech company, Google not included, trying to stage an April Fools’ prank. Besides the tricks being way too obvious most of the time, either the jokes end up offending someone, or they just turn out unequivocally unfunny.

Well, gather around and take note, pranksters and jokers, as Nokia managed to pull off the rare feat of coming up with a farce both hilarious and ridiculous, far-fetched and thought-provoking. Have you ever imagined how would the mobile phone manufacturer’s legendary 3310 handheld look were Nokia to bring it to the 21st century?

Here it is, still durable, reliable and solid as a rock, but now running a “modified version of Windows Phone 8” and integrating the best piece of camera technology for smartphones out there, the 41 MP PureView sensor.

The imaginary spec sheet of the reinvented Nokia 3310 also includes a 3-inch “ClearDiamond” display with 1,280 x 768 pixels resolution and, I’m guessing, record-breaking ppi, dual-core 1.5 GHz processor (no Snapdragon 800?!?), 2 GB RAM (how many simultaneous Snake gaming sessions is that?), and 32 GB built-in storage.

You know what the ironic thing is? Were it real, I’d buy that indestructible powerhouse in a second. Sadly, I keep throwing money at my screen and nothing seems to happen.

Via [Nokia Conversations]

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