Sony Xperia Z2 release pushed back to May in UK, possibly June in other markets

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sony-xperia-z2Bad news, gadget fans, as we just caught wind of another setback for Sony’s gorgeous Xperia Z2. Plagued by manufacturing woes right off the bat, the handheld was initially scheduled to break cover in certain key markets in early April, but is now only expected out in May. And that’s the optimistic forecast.

Worst case scenario, the Z2 will be delayed until June, four full months after its formal introduction at February’s Mobile World Congress. Tragedy? You can say that again, as for once, Sony was in a good position to break through to the big leagues and challenge Samsung or Apple global sales-wise.

Officially, “early – mid May” is the SIM-free variant’s UK ETA, so there’s no reason to buy the June speculation… yet. But we clearly need to prepare for the worst (while hoping for the best), as ePrice’s sources tell the Chinese publication stocks are too limited and manufacturing clogged for all problems to go away before summer sets.

Of course, the Xperia Z2 could still see daylight next month in a few European countries, including Great Britain, regardless of Asian issues. Just don’t count on solid, steady inventory. On the bright side, pre-orders already approved shall be honored by the end of April. In early May, at the latest.

That’s it, it’s game over for Sony in its evenly matched duel against Samsung and HTC. They fought hard, but ultimately the One (M8) and Galaxy S5 are around, and the Xperia Z2 isn’t.

Via [Clove Blog], [ePrice]

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