Lenovo announces A-Series quartet of budget Android tablets

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lenovo_a8Lenovo probably picked the worst day possible to reveal its latest attempts at undermining Nexus 7’s low-cost tablet domination, between Nokia’s brilliant April Fools’ Day farce and about a hundred far less humorous gags. Still, we have no reason to believe the four new A-Series slates are jokes.

And if they are, no one’s laughing. Particularly because Lenovo’s press release detailing the tabs features almost no specifics and, you know, details. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the A7-30 is a “Pocket Studio” (whatever that means), and the A7-50 is a “Crystal Clear Multimedia Reader” (yawn), but what about specifications?

I’m afraid we’ll just need to wait. What we do know is the A-Series includes a couple of 7 inchers, the A7-30 and A7-50 (awesome names, by the way), a larger 8 incher called A8 and an A10 that, well, I think you can easily guess how big it is.

Oh, but wait, Lenovo did slip a few tidbits of actual interest in its PR. The A7-30 is apparently “armed” with Dolby-powered dual front speakers, a quad-core chip of sorts and SIM card support, the A7-50 comes in an optional 3G-enabled flavor, the A8 sports an HD display (so likely with 1,280 x 800 pixels), and finally, the A10 delivers quad-core power and HD screen resolution. How exciting!

Hope you detected the (not so) subtle trace of sarcasm there. Anyways, Lenovo says the quartet goes on sale worldwide in Q2, costing £99.99 (the A7-50), £139.99 (A8), and £169.99 (A10) on British shores. Pretty cheap, but I bet not cheap enough.

Via [Android Central]

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