Big Turtle Shell boasts sound, unique rugged quality

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Yup, that’s right. Outdoor Tech is back with a bigger, boomboxier version of its unique and popular Turtle Shell wireless speaker. The Big Turtle Shell was showcased at CES 2014, along with the rest of their product lineup. I wasn’t able to connect my smartphone to play some of my own music, as random people continuously linked their devices to the speaker (any available speaker, for that matter). We even caught part of a phone conversation, listening to some poor person baffling over why he/she couldn’t hear a thing from their device. Haha.

Big Turtle Shell outdoorBut I can say that bigger does mean better in the case of the Big Turtle Shell. The little I was able to hear managed to compete with the busy noises of people and booths all around. Based on Outdoor Tech’s history of audio products, you can expect this speaker to crank it up loud and bold.

If you’re the kind to play rough with your toys or bring them outside, the Big Turtle Shell is designed to keep up. The set of handles provides a number of ways to carry, hang, or mount the speaker wherever you like. Sure, it can look cute and pretty indoors too, but rugged is where it’s at. Dirt, water, and physical impact won’t stop the Big Turtle Shell from pumping the tunes.

What’s especially impressive is the 7800mAh internal battery that can charge mobile devices. There are other speakers that can do the same, but none with this kind of capacity in such a compact form. If you’re planning to listen to music all day while camping or lounging on the beach, you’ll want enough power for the speaker and connected device both.

Chomping at the bit? You should be. Check out Outdoor Tech’s Big Turtle Shell Kickstarter campaign. Pledge now and get it on the cheap!


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